Trauma Counselling & PTSD

A traumatic experience is a situation that is frightening, overwhelming, difficult, or beyond our control. 

Trauma can lead to depression, anxiety, and sleep problems, as well as difficulties at work and at home, including relationship problems. If ignored or covered up, deeper problems may arise later. This is especially likely to happen with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

So getting the right help at the right time is important. Trauma or PTSD treatment and counselling by a counsellor In manchester or online.  counselling can help you overcome trauma and return to normal functioning.

Counselling for Trauma

Trauma counselling and getting the right therapy for trauma can help you overcome problems related to:

  • Physical, emotional & sexual abuse
  • Physical or sexual assault
  • Traumatic accidents
  • Bullying
  • Military conflicts
  • Disasters
  • The loss of a loved one

Symptoms of trauma and PTSD vary from person to person, but often include:

  • Feeling anxious, guilty or angry even though the event has passed
  • Having vivid memories, flashbacks or nightmares about the event
  • Feeling emotionally numb or disconnected at times
  • Feeling irritable but not knowing why
  • Feeling out of control of your mood
  • Have problems with sleeping (such as insomnia, waking up early or fear of going to sleep)
  • Experiencing panic attacks or keeping busy to cope
  • Avoiding certain places and reminders of the event
  • Feel constantly “on guard” or worrying about it happening again
  • Using drugs, substances or alcohol to cope with the trauma

Trauma Therapy & Counselling

Here at David Peak Counselling and Psychotherapy can help you understand and develop tools to effectively manage and overcome Trauma & PTSD

Skilled at integrating a range of psychotherapy techniques into your therapy so we can tailor our strategies to best suit your needs and your situation to help you recover and stay better for longer. Appointments can be individual, with partners or with family to suit your needs. 

We also offer online therapy via Skype and Zoom for those unable to make it to our clinic to see us or who wish to continue their therapy while away.

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Therapy and CBT for Trauma in Manchester, Rochdale or Online

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The counselling was really great, and I was even put in contact with a person who would support me with my inquiry at work, and represent me if needed. Having professional support in this matter took such a load off my mind.



As the mind continues to try to process the memory, the individual finds that their levels of awareness change. People can find it difficult to control their emotions and suffer intense symptoms of anxiety both physically and emotionally.

Many PTSD sufferers also feel emotionally numb and have trouble communicating with others about what they feel. As feelings and symptoms of PTSD become so unmanageable, the sufferer starts to avoid anything linked to the original trauma, which impacts their daily life activities.

When multiple issues need to be addressed in the care of a person with PTSD, especially after multiple traumatic events, traumatic bereavement, or when trauma has resulted in chronic disability, serious comorbidities, or social problems, treatment duration may exceed 12 courses of treatment.

Trauma-centered treatment must be integrated into the overall care plan. For some people with PTSD, disclosing the details of their traumatic event can be very difficult and overwhelming at first, so I would take a few moments to build a trusting therapeutic relationship and emotional stability before addressing the traumatic event.


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