Counselling For Depression

We all feel sad and miserable at times. While these are understandable reactions to upsetting events and experiences, it’s also normal to experience them for no reason. But if they persist, they could be a sign of depression.

Depression can last weeks or months and cause problems in your relationships, employment, and health. 

If you are seeking help with depression or counselling for depression with the help of a counsellor In manchester or online counselling can greatly improve how you feel and help you overcome negative emotions.

Depression Counselling & Therapy

Depression can be caused by a number of reasons, like negative thinking, difficult events and traumatic life experiences
Symptoms of depression can make you feel:

  • worthless
  • like life isn’t worth living
  • constantly anxious, tearful and worried
  • like you can’t concentrate
  • indecisive
  • irritable and intolerant of others
  • you are not getting enough enjoyment out of life
  • you have a lack of self-esteem
  • you have excessive and inappropriate guilt
  • you have no motivation or interest in things you used to enjoy



Counselling For Depression can help with:

  • Feeling sad, upset or unhappy
  • Lack of motivation, enthusiasm and pleasure
  • Difficulties in concentration
  • Pessimism, negative thoughts or crying
  • Sleep problems (such as insomnia or waking up too early)
  • Withdrawal from pleasurable activity
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Changes in appetite
  • Loss of sex drive

David specialises in various talking therapy for depression and low mood. Depression Counselling can help you overcome your low mood and improve the way you feel.

Dealing With Depression and Low Mood

Here at David Peak Counselling and Psychotherapy can help you understand and develop tools to effectively manage and overcome depression and low mood.

Skilled at integrating a range of psychotherapy techniques into your therapy so we can tailor our strategies to best suit your needs and your situation to help you recover and stay better for longer. Appointments can be individual, with partners or with family to suit your needs. 

We also offer online therapy via Skype and Zoom for those unable to make it to our clinic to see us or who wish to continue their therapy while away.

Counselling for depression

Take the First Steps to Overcoming Depression and a Bad Mood

Depression can make people feel sad, low, unhappy and impact on day to day life and relationships. I am able to help by offering counselling for depression and low mood, and can offer a range of talking therapies that are proven to help overcome your difficulties.

Depression treatment with us can help you tackle your depression and move forward with a more positive outlook on your life.

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The counselling was really great, and I was even put in contact with a person who would support me with my inquiry at work, and represent me if needed. Having professional support in this matter took such a load off my mind.



I have an holistic approach to all my clients.   I don’t see them as an individual with depression or an individual with anxiety, I look at their history from childhood onwards I ask them when they first noticed that they were feeling what they feel now and see if there are any significant events in their lives at that time which could account for their dis-ease.

The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study revealed that most people who get sick have something in their past that predisposes them to do so.   So when I work with clients who are depressed it is important to discover what may have triggered this low mood, and if it is a single significant event, or even a series of similarly frightening or humiliating experiences, I may use EMDR to process it/them so it/they is/are no longer troublesome for the client.   I also look at what may be triggering the mood in the present, or any anticipated in the future, and, if appropriate, process them with EMDR also.   

I work on the basis that accepting the things we cannot change and changing the things we can is the recipe for a peaceful life. Harbouring resentments, or regretting things that have happened in the past prevents people from feeling comfortable in the present, so accepting fully the past is the past, and changing anything that is preventing you living comfortably in the present or the future, leads to a peaceful life.

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